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On rainy sounds and soon-to-be-out schools

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Another late night post – which for some reason wanted to be written in English. Well, why not. I was about to go to bed, but now the rain started outside and I just have to sit up and listen to it a little bit. It’s a fantastic sound – the sound of rain. The sound of nightly traffic on wet streets is a good runner up. Right now I get both.

I’ve spent the night writing the pages section (points to upper left corner) of this blog – deciding on names for the categories/subjects I plan to write about and making feed-links for each of the category-feeds which will make all my other links obsolete. I’m in no fantastic blogging mood these days – which I still find weird. I think some of it comes from having a whole herd of blogs to maintain – which was never quite my cup of tea to begin with. I look forward to going live with this one, and closing down all the others. I’m a one-blog kinda gal, that’s all.

Tomorrow begins the kids last week in school/kita. The older boy is going away on Tuesday – the whole school goes away on a school trip. It feels insanely strange that they will be going – the whole school. We’re talking tiny kids here – sixyearolds! At first he didn’t want to go, and since he’s started ahead of time, he didn’t have to. But since he was the only one not going – I guess when the others started talking about it, he didn’t really want to be the only one who didn’t go. My little big boy…

That also means I have just one week to finish my final pieces for Photoshop class. I have a hard time figuring out what to make, so I fumle a little bit with this and fiddle a little bit with that – and nothing really gets done. Bah. Noting useful, anyways.

There’s a big thunderstorm outside. I’m going out on the balcony for a few minutes before I head for some well-needed beautysleep. Bis später,alle Leute!

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